SMART Rides GmbH


SMART rides GmbH is an agency of the amusement industry and “the ride solution” when it comes to innovative amusement attractions.


Since being founded in 2008 by Ralf Caspar SMART rides GmbH is successfully established in the international market.


We have discovered a strength in a network of partners with innovative and high quality products and services to concentrate our resources and to be a link to the amusement facilities.


With the industry experience and competent knowledge of a more than 25-year career in the amusement industry and the execution of projects in world famous theme parks such as Power Park Finland, Sea World of Australia, Liseberg Sweden, Qafqaz Amusement Park-Aserbaidjan, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and many more, we have convinced leading amusement companies with our and the performance of our partners.


Our service includes the procurement and integration of new and innovative amusement attractions and all related services and advice in the planning and development.


The portfolio reaches from

  • Roller Coasters, Giant Wheels to round rides from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH to
  • interactive systems from Lagotronics as well as
  • wooden play-structures made of Robinia from Ghepetto GmbH.

As a link in a network of well-established European manufacturers and service providers and through our worldwide contacts we are able to respond to your individual needs, either with the purchase of the latest technical innovation or the procurement of your used equipment.

SMART rides GmbH offers you a competent platform to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact us via

Email:   info(at) 
Phone: +49 (O)26 53 91 16 44
Mobile: +49 (O)16O 9O 59 45 46


It will be a pleasure for us to respond to you! 



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